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Our team of expert mentors are here to support people seeking advice, guidance, and ideas for their community project (for free!)

Every member of our mentoring team has had real skin-in-the-game experience in thier field. You can see the team on this page!

Whether you're over a decade into your journey, or you're at the very start, if you're seeking advice, guidance, ideas, connections, or otherwise, please begin by completing the form below, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

The purpose of form is to simply give us an idea of what you're hoping to achieve. This will enable us to best match you to a mentor. We're not looking for you to impress us! So just be honest about what you hope to achieve, and the support you're looking for. We are one hundred percent as interested in a solo project looking to support five people as we are with a project intending to be the next Save the Children!

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