Below we share totally unsolicited feedback people have sent us having listened to the show. We share this because the goal of the podcast is to inspire people to do selfless things in the world, so we hope by sharing the positive effect it's having on people will inspire you as well! Thanks to the guests for being so inspiring!  


"I just finished listening to your first Podcast! I can't say how much I loved it! Truly touching and inspiring and what a great lesson of life for everyone! It gives hope and spreads love and sun in this world which is politically so dark. A break in the clouds! I will join the adventure one day. When we speak you tell how I could give a financial contribution would be the most welcome. I wanted to do for a long time but never knew what exactly. Please help me with this."

"Wow, I get sent a lot of podcasts, but so many are focused on building things that create wealth, and/or are indulgent on behalf of making a god out of the guest! This is the first show I have listened to in a long time that is really just about love, but without losing sight that with love comes struggle! Making the world better isn't easy, but I am left totally floored (in a good way) by Charles Storer's story. What a way to kick off the podcast! Can't wait to listen to more. Feeling totally inspired!"

"I’m at the halfway point of the podcast, feeling like I have wasted too much time in corporate life and ultimately that I really need to think about how I can support this kind of work. I dread to think how the situations are unfolding in light of covid..."

"I've been listening to the podcast over past couple days...and really feeling inspired. Realising how now more than ever I/people are literally in a bubble....that really needs popping every so often. The podcast has done that for me. My fingers off the pulse at the moment....would really appreciate some advice on what I can be doing here from home? What charities need remote help?"

"Really great podcast! Charles Storer must be a lovely man to be able to work with and enjoy his company. So inspiring, I’m 20 minutes from the end and you’ve raised a great point about if the tables were turned what we’d expect with aid we’ve received."

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