If the goal of Shining Lights is to inspire people to go and do positive things in the world, then reading is both a way to fuel you and guide you! I’ve put together a list of recommended books that I hope inspires you in some way. I wasted thirty years of my life not reading all that much, before the grace of being advised (directed!) by a great leader, I worked for, Roger Philby, to read more. Doing so transformed my life, and so here I’m simply passing on the same great advice.


I have divided the books into various categories, which I hope gives you an easier starting point as there's a lot to choose from! When people see the number of books on the list, they often ask if I've actually read all of the books listed, and the truth is, it’s probably only half of them! I don’t say this vitriolically, as I am actually a slow reader. I simply learned from people far wiser than I that reading a lot of books is just a case of building the right routines and habits (and I recommend Ryan Holiday’s article on how to read a lot more). 


I hope you find a book that you love and changes in your life in a meaningful way. I‘d love to hear how you get on, and I’m also happy to build you your own reading list for a specific challenge/ idea you’re working on. Just email me here. Each month or so I send my most recent recommended books, which you can get in your inbox if you subscribe to the mailing lists here.


Thanks for being here, and enjoy reading!

Many blessings


Seventeen Reading Courses Organised by Topics / Cause

This is the beast, containing every book I recommend (well over one hundred), divided into seventeen categories including improving the human spirit, building community, building responsible organisations, global development, capitalism and markets, entrepreneurship, stoicism (and other philosophies), faith, physical and mental health, and relationships. 

Reading List April 2020

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